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Law Enforcement Training
Lighthorse Tactical, LLC provides Law Enforcement training at all skill levels. The tactical response of law enforcement personnel to critical situations requires highly trained and motivated Officers.

The Lighthorse Tactical Instructors are experienced Law Enforcement Officers with decades of service and hundreds of operational hours. The majority of our instructors are current law enforcement Officers continuing to train and conduct operations on a daily basis. This leads to an instructor cadre that is up to date and enthusiastic in their tactics, techniques and procedures.

It is important to focus training on building skill sets and get as many “good repetitions” in as possible. Our training blocks are designed to get as much out of the training day as possible without sacrificing performance or safety. The end result is an Officer who is trained in current methods and tactics. This end product will provide the citizens of that Officer’s community an added level of safety and security.

Citizen Training
Our Citizen training blocks are designed with the Citizen in mind. We instruct this training based on the needs and skill sets of the average American gun owner. Tactics taught in these blocks cover what the informed and prepared Citizen needs to protect himself and his family from today’s criminal threats.

Our Instructor Cadre is a seasoned group of public servants. We are also husbands, fathers, sons and uncles. We understand the difference between preparing a Tactical Officer and preparing a housewife. Our instruction styles are flexible and allow for various approaches and techniques to getting the desired result.

This Instructor Cadre can instruct, coach and motivate students to a high skill level and a desire to learn more. Instructor biographies are available on request.

Lighthorse Tactical can also conduct training in accordance with the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. We have two Level 2 Certified Trainers on the instructor roster.

Lighthorse Tactical, LLC is based in Alabama.
Lighthorse Tactical is able to present training in the following subject areas-

  • Manhunt Tactics (vehicle based)
  • Response to Active Shooter: Contact Team Tactics
  • Patrol Officer’s Response to High Risk Incidents
  • Patrol Officer’s Counter Assault Tactics (CAT)
  • SWAT Tactics
  • Tactical Firearms- Handgun, Shotgun, Carbine
  • Vehicle Takedown Tactics
  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Tactical Operations Planning
  • Patrol Rifle Training
  • Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Handgun
  • Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Shotgun
  • Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Carbine
  • Plain Clothes/Off Duty/CCW Handgun
  • Legal Updates for LE and Citizens
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Training (ASRB)
  • Low Light Firearms Training
  • Church Security Training

Phone: 205.902.2401

Email: [email protected]