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Countering Mobile Violence Course (CMVC)


CMVC is a vehicle-based tactics course designed to equip LE Officers and SWAT Medics with the collective skills to effectively move against, contain and eliminate violent, mobile criminal activity. Through the use of aggressive teamwork, scalable tactics (exterior & interior) and maneuver; LE elements CLOSELY supported by Tactical Medics can have a decisive effect on the mobility and carnage caused by violent offenders.
Course attendees work out of vehicles in this course utilizing a 4-person cell format. This is an LE/FD integration course working from police vehicles. This course integrates SWAT Medics into the vehicle crews. Other topics covered are task organization, leadership, vehicle TTP’s, communications, work priorities and decision making. We conduct mock pursuits, simulated ambushes, medical treatment and evacuation (based on the training location).
When possible, we will use vetted volunteer role players that are NOT part of the attending Officers.
Attendees should bring a 4-person vehicle that can get a little “color” (marking cartridges) on it. This will be an LE/FD integration course working from police vehicles. We do not ram or “PIT” vehicles in this course.

Gear List

  • Tactical Gear (armor/load bearing kit)
  • Helmet
  • Uniform or plain clothes (surveillance) (long sleeves recommended for exercises)
  • Face Protection (force on force mask or gas mask w/hard poly lens)
  • Neck & Groin Protection
  • Force on Force Weapons (if available) Carbines preferred for LEO’s
  • 250 rounds of force on force cartridges
  • IFAK (trainers preferred)
  • Medic Kit (Medics only)
  • Medical Evacuation Kit- straps, soft litters, etc.
  • Smoke (if available)
  • NFDD (optional)
  • Handheld Light/Batteries
  • Traffic Vest
  • Cleaning Kit for force on force weapons
  • Water, snacks
  • 10 feet of butcher paper
  • Pack of thick rubber bands (20 minimum)
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Markers

Law Enforcement, Multi Day, Rifle, Tactical Firearms