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Defensive Handgun Class – DEFHG-8


This 8-hour course is an intermediate “next step”‚ handgun class for shooters that have acquired basic handgun skills. This class establishes a baseline of necessary skill-sets for the shooter to effectively utilize a handgun as a defensive tool. This is accomplished by lecture, demonstration, practice and practical application. The student will receive instruction in the following areas: mindset, gear, marksmanship, manipulations (draw stroke, reloading, target discrimination, close quarter engagements, concealed carry techniques).¬†This is an active course with dynamic movement and repetitive actions. Students should be prepared for outdoor, moderate physical activities.¬† Rain will hinder, but not stop the training, have rain gear.

  • Handgun (full sized or compact handgun or sub-compact, of a QUALITY manufacturer).
  • 3 magazines and magazine pouch (speed loaders for revolvers)
  • Holster- a quality belt mounted outside of waistband holster is preferred
  • 300¬†rounds