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Intermediate Handgun


This 8-hour block is a continuation of our Handgun Program. Based on the fundamentals learned in our Basic Handgun Class the Intermediate Class focuses the shooter to the goal of working the gun and support gear at speed. The drills will be “performance based” to increase the shooter’s knowledge, competence and confidence with his handgun. The drills will encompass rapid movement and other physical activity to push the shooter to perform under timed “stress”. Gear Requirements The requirements for this class are a little more stringent than the Basic Handgun Class. This is due to the “performance based” tempo of the class. Loading from a pocket worked in BHG. It will be difficult to achieve success in IHG loading from a pocket.

  • Handgun with 3 magazines
  • Quality Belt Holster (on a solid sturdy belt)
  • Quality Magazine Pouches to carry 2 spare magazines
  • 300 rounds of quality ammunition
  • Ear/Eye Protection
  • Hat with bill
  • Collared shirt (or crew necked t-shirt)
  • Long pants
    • Shoes that support the ankles