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Basic Shotgun Class


$175—The focus of Basic Shotgun is to establish a baseline of necessary skill sets for the shooter to effectively mount, present, aim and fire a shotgun. The firearms safety rules, fundamentals of marksmanship, weapon manipulation and maintenance will be presented and practiced. Students should be prepared for outdoor, moderate physical activities in seasonal weather conditions. Rain will hinder, but not stop the training, have rain gear. Equipment Requirements The conduct of this course requires that each shooter have a set of equipment to train with. It is important that all equipment is quality equipment designed to be used in the manner prescribed. (Note- High priced gear doesn’t always mean high quality gear).


  • Shotguns need to be quality firearms; equipped with sights; bead, rifle style or a red dot are acceptable. The class will have no time and material to fix broken shotguns.
  • Either pump action or semi-auto shotguns are acceptable but no single or double barrel shotguns will be allowed.
  • Equipment needs to be in good mechanical shape, functional and present, don’t leave it at home.

Shotgun- 20 gauge or 12 gauge (other gauges, please check with us) in good mechanical condition. If you are purchasing a shotgun prior to this course, check with us for some advice on your options. Shell holders/Shell pouches- some type of shell carrier that can carry at a minimum of two to five shells, more is better. Weapon mounted shell holders are fine but a body worn shell carrier is also recommended. Slings- Your shotgun should be equipped with an easy to adjust tactical sling but a hunting style will be adequate for this class. If you are purchasing a sling or other accessories prior to this course, check with us. Ammunition Requirements – factory loaded quality ammunition. 75 rounds of #6, #7 or #8 birdshot 40 rounds of 00 buckshot 20 rounds of slugs