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Armed Intruder Response (AIR)


The purpose of the Armed Intruder Response Class is to provide protective options for the citizen in the face of a criminal attack. This class is an 8-hour tactical session that incorporates movement and repetitive action. Attendees should have a physical fitness level that allows them to participate in all exercises without degradation of skills and mental awareness.
The class includes:
Range Session (skills and scenario work)
Tactics Session (Reactive and defensive tactics)
Scenario Session (application, decision making, response options)
Students should bring:
Gloves, long sleeves, groin protection and throat protection
Handgun, 3 magazines, holster and magazine carrier
200 rounds of handgun ammunition
Ear and eye protection
Scenario training will occur using Airsoft and Simunition. The force on force gear/rounds will be provided.
Students should bring gloves, long sleeves, groin protection and throat protection.
If you do not wish to participate in force on force scenarios do not register for this class.