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GUNS Tactical Firearms Course- (GUNS-24)


$425—This 24-hour course covers marksmanship, equipment set-up, weapon manipulation, “move, shoot, & communicate”, ammunition management, mental awareness, blending the shooter and his equipment into a tactical system instead of components attached to a body. This course has become known as: “GUNS”


  • Entry Vest Helmet
  • Carbine or SMG w/sling, light & 3 magazines- 800 rounds
  • Secondary firearm w/holster, 3 magazines- 500 rounds
  • Handheld light
  • Gas mask w/carrier
  • Shooting glasses and hearing protection
  • Tactical Uniform
  • Tactical Boots
  • Camel back or other type of container for water (does not have to be attached to kit)


GUNS24 can be broken down into 8-hour blocks focusing on specific portions of the course if requested.