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Home Defense 2 Class (HD2) Low Light


Limited to 8 students. Prerequisite- Home Defense 1

This class covers the use of the handgun and light combination in a home defense setting. Handheld and weapon mounted techniques, lighting concepts, structure clearing, home defense plans, mindset and decision making are also included. Force on force scenarios will use a combination of any of the following training equipment: airsoft, paintball and non-lethal training munitions (NLTM).


  • Hand-held flashlight (tail cap button suggested)
  • Weapon mounted light (optional)
  • Spare batteries
  • Groin/throat protection (head protection provided)
  • Clear shooting glasses

NOTE: This is an advanced level class. Attendees should have a solid grasp of basic handgun skills to include: marksmanship, presentation, loading/reloading and malfunction clearing.