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Intermediate Handgun: MAX Pistol


This class focuses on fast and accurate pistol shooting, engaging multiple targets in rapid succession, and provides a primer for students interested into getting into competitive action pistol shooting.

Prerequisite- Formal basic handgun class with a known trainer or training organization. Contact us for validation.

Class Objective: To impart the knowledge, skills, and abilities upon the students so that they can confidently, competently, and efficiently employ a handgun in competitive shooting situations.

Student Objectives:
To learn the physical, mental and mechanical techniques to fire a handgun fast and accurately.
To learn how to transition between targets in multiple target engagements, and learn some techniques to prepare them for competitive shooting disciplines. Equipment: Eye and ear protection Semi-automatic pistol with at least three magazines Fitted or molded holster for the pistol of choice (trigger guard must be covered) Magazine carriage system Belt sturdy enough to securely hold that equipment Round Count: 300