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SRO Tactical 2 Course (SROTAC2)


This 16-hour course will focus on, but not be limited to, scenarios that require an immediate response to life-threatening emergency situations. Officers will learn to conduct solo and two-man response tactics, teamwork, mental awareness, evacuations and coordination procedures using patrol rifles. This course is a follow-on to the SROTAC1 Course.


Any Officer, regardless of assignment, can attend this course.

Firearms Skills (flat range & simulated response drills)
Active Shooter- Limited Personnel Response
Link-up Procedures
Scene Stabilization
First Aid Review
Force on Force Exercises

200 rounds of rifle ammunition
150 rounds of Force on Force ammo
Range Gear (eye & ear pro)
Duty gear
Body Armor
Duty uniform (or approximate)
Traffic Vest
Force on Force Gear- face/head protection, groin protection, throat protection, gloves


Handgun, Law Enforcement, Multi Day, Rifle