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WASP CQB Course is an 50+hour course.
WASP is an acronym for Working Angles and Spaces.
This course presents a tactical entry system that allows the Officer to read & feed the problem rather than a pre-programmed, choreographed maneuver scheme. Approaches, stacking, room clearing, team member/leader responsibilities, weapons management and mental awareness are some of the key points to this operationally proven system.
This course is a CQB program that starts with a two-Officer (patrol team) clearing element and works up to a full team entry system.
  • Mindset & Decision Making
  • Leadership & Planning
  • Command & Control Techniques
  • Approach & Entry Point Procedures
  • 2-4 Officer Team Tactics
  • Multi-Cell Tactics
  • Hallway, Stairwell & Room Clearing
  • Low Light Tactics
  • Use of Force Options
  • Body Armor/Gas Mask/Duty Belt
  • Handgun with 200 rounds
  • Rifle/SMG with 300 rounds
  • Eye/Ear/Throat/Groin/Face Protection
  • NLTM-300rd
  • 20 Green Chem Lights
  • Flashlight and batteries